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Lawn Games for Life

Anna Ravelo (gaia 1922-2006, afterlife 1987-)

Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is the shortest day of the year.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

The day after that might welcome
floods of bored ghosts to gaia and
ensure her demise and ours
a slow, scary, and painful demise.
(Or we'll have a nice party)

You're still curious about the real truth? And my will? And that heirloom?

Your assignment: contemplate death. Nothing more nothing less (short of figuring out where to go and what to bring on Saturday). Here are my personal images from it. These are just a small few to get you thinking.    


You are a very loyal family! Especially loyal to each other! Are you loyal to the departed, though? Taylor will no longer reward you for sending cards to and fro (but don't let it stop you!). Sure - you can still pipe up about ones you received before the solstice. But from here on out - how about a little love for me on my birthday? That'll certainly score you some loyalty bonuses.

* Ghosts will haunt the earth to death when the angels leave for Christmas vacation
Ghosts haunt because they're bored
* Boredom is checked with spirit (aka "loyalty")
* Collectively earn 1000 loyalty points!!!
* We need to throw the ghosts a lively party at their point of entry
* The location of the party will only be revealed is y'all are prepared (i.e., know where/when/what to bring and are spirited enough)
* At the party, y'all will get some earthly prizes (the heirloom + a supplemental will)


might be helpful if you're new: previous index pages: (1) (2) (3) + awesome unofficial guide

The Challenge: Locate and retrieve our family heirloom, the FOUNTAIN OF TRUTH.

The Process: Gamelike in spirit, but critically important for the future of our families. Complete TRIALS of smarts, loyalty, and toughness to learn how to locate and retrieve the heirloom. Work together as a family. The Family with the most smarts, loyalty, and toughness gets something extra special.

This is the lawngame of my life!! I wish so much that I could watch all of you play it! My darling neice, Taylor, is going to graciously stand in for me in hosting the game. (You all owe her immense gratitude because if she had not honored my requests, the family secret would have been lost forever).

Contact Taylor with Questions and Solutions!
taylor dot garcia at g mail dot com

might be helpful if you're new: previous index pages: (1) (2) (3) + awesome unofficial guide