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Esteban Ravelo

Legend Trial #1

It all started with my lovable father. At least, I can't manage to trace the history of the heirloom back any further. My dad moved to the U.S. as soon as he was old enough to carry his bodyweight for half a mile without pause. He was a tough (and handsom!) man, and he worked hard to make sure that all of us Ravelo kids always had plenty to eat, nice clothes to wear, books to read, and toys to play with. Papa was actually the first in his family to terminate his education after learning basic arithmetic so we had a the luxury of a financial margin or error thanks to various inheritances.

I used to think that Papa was just oo smart for school because he seemed to know everything (except complicated mathematics!). He died in 1957 which seems so long ago now. By then he'd long since abandoned the profession that brought him from Mexico to the U.S. in favor of more suitable employment for a family man. Still, he remained close friends with many of the guys with whom he first came to California, even after everyone went their seperate. He'd put pen to paper and drop his friends living on the other side of the country and even sometimes the world a line. I used to want to pretend to be one of Papa's pen pals so that I could see what he wrote about me when I wasn't looking.

I found this old postcard in some of the boxes from the old house that I've never gone through (they're just such a mess and I get so distracted by all the little photos and such). It must be from a pal that he met over the years. It also must be one of the last postcards that he received as he fell ill shortly after receiving this postcard.



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