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Oliver Souza

Legend Trial #11

Before Oliver took over Major's Diner in Pine Valley for his dad, he led a a very different lifestyle. His days were filled with athletics and his nights with rock n' roll.

Olie went to UC Berkeley (like a lot of us!) and then moved to Florida for awhile to play guitar for Disney World. His big break came after he left Florida, though, and he started a band with some college friends. They had a hit song back in the early 1990's (which I shamefully can't even remember now). Then they hit the road for a month-long U.S. tour. Oliver never got into the smoking and not too much into the drinking, though, because he woke up at 7am every morning during tour to train.

Throughout high school and college, Oliver was a nationally ranked squash player. About 5 years after college (less than a year after the band's tour), he was a finalist at nationals, competing to represent the United States at the Olympics! He made a series of impressive hits, but ended up destroying his knee so badly that he's been benched ever since. Those awesome, ill fated hits:


- Directly on the 6' line.
- Between the 4' and 6' lines.
- Directly on the 8' line'
- Directly on the 6' line.
- Between the 8' and 10' lines.
- Between the 8' and 10' lines.
- Directly on the 10' line.

These days, Oliver's group still plays gigs from time to time, but he mostly focuses on running his dad's business and enjoying his town. He's got a great soul, that Oliver! He does have one pet peeve, though....can you guess it? His pop would approve.

Oh yeah, one more terribly endearing thing about Oliver - he's 40 years old now (a Halloween baby!), but he still keeps his lucky squash balls displayed in the diner. For good luck for the diner (and protection from his pet peeve, I'm sure!).


1st family: 15 points
2nd family: 13 points
3rd family: 11 points
4th family: 10 points



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