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Victor Garcia

Legend Trial #13

Victor! Taylor's babiest baby brother. The only Garcia born in the 1980's (though barely - in 1980). He is an enigma. He is so esoteric. He does not like to be represented by his image - but rather by things that make him think.

He sent me this photo once with a 6000 word treatise about a certain gulf finch (or was it a gull?) that is attracted to these houses. But the essay was not so much about a birdhouse or the ocean or even nature - it was about Victor himself.

He is a scientist, but he has the heart of an artist, writer, or philosopher. One of his more hilarious experiments in the chemistry lab was inspired by his favorite author. And it was comprised of his favorite elements: Argon, Tellurium, and Strontium.

Are you familiar with that author as well?



1st family: 30 points
2nd family: 10 points
3rd family: 9 points
4th family: 8 points



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