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Remember the Alamo

Location Trial #11

When I think of Texas these days, I usually just think of oil, the Bush family, Haliburton, and Enron. How could I forget the Alamo?! Well, when I visited a certain place in Texas, I certainly couldn't forget it. Or what it symbolizes.

Border conflicts have been fierce since the beginning. We often lose even when we're on the "winning" side. America is indebted to more folks than just Americans. Sometimes fighting for fighting's sake is worth it.

Walking through those thick marble walls at the end of Congress St., I felt completely isolated from Americans or our violent legacy. Yet I was mere feet from rooms where our President sharpened his political chops. And statues, murals, plaques all over the place implored me to remember Texas' legacy. Remember it origins, its many sovereignties, it many Governors, and its general resiliance. Where I should have felt most moved by history, I felt most alienated by it. But I did remember it. I suppose that's the least one could expect.

The building instructed me: "Remember the Alamo!" And I was speechless. What should I have replied?


1st family: 30 points
2nd family: 20 points
3rd family: 15 points
4th family: 10 points

- earn 5 TOUGH points if you claim a cannon for your family
- earn 5 SMARTS points if you write a letter to one of your political leaders

- Take lots of photos!
- Be sure to display your family crest somewhere (do not photshop it in)
- If you have receipts, photograph those as well!
- Post photos with tag "lgfl" on flickr and send to taylor (taylor dot garcia at g mail dot com)



NB: The easiest way to complete this trial is to visit (or have a trusted family member visit) the location referred to in the solution to the Party Girls trial


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