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Have a Drink

Location Trial #13

Right after I died, before retiring completely to the Afterlife, I went to the city of ghosts and good times - New Orleans. I had a drink! Gosh it tasted so smooth and refreshing. You haven't been drunk until you've been drunk dead.

While I was at the bar, I listened to the wonderful band and chatted with the adorable bartender. I even tacked a photo of mine up on the wall for "posterity." Go see for yourself! You'll see something extra special on that photo!


1st family: 40 points
2nd family: 30 points
3rd family: 25 points
4th family: 20 points

- earn 5 TOUGH points if you create and enjoy a drink named after your family (include recipe)
- earn 5 SMARTS points if you buy or make that same drink for a stranger (be sure to offer a family crest coaster)

- Take lots of photos!
- Be sure to display your family crest somewhere (do not photshop it in)
- If you have receipts, photograph those as well!
- Post photos with tag "lgfl" on flickr and send to taylor (taylor dot garcia at g mail dot com)



NB: The easiest way to complete this trial is to visit (or have a trusted family member visit) the location referred to in the solution to the Jean LaFitte trial


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