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This Room is Haunted

Location Trial #8

Like most older tourists visiting the southwest and meandering along the Old West Highway, I decided to stop in Bisbee, AZ which was supposedly less of a "tourist trap" than Tombstone but similar in spirit.

Bisbee was yet another Arizonan town after my own heart - everyone there loved the earth and was an artist of some kind. Of course, it was yet another town that had crammed our species' greedy paws right into Gaia's core in the pursuit of precious metals.

Copper issues aside, I decided to stay at a place where 26 souls had met their fate and 5 ghosts lurked. Sure enough - my room was haunted. Folks say that Room #13 was the most haunted, but back then they were all pretty haunted. Still, 13 does seem to have a special meaning for ghosts and so maybe room #13 was more haunted than the others. No matter what, those poor ghosts were so bored because folks would just ignore them or cry or yell at them. And other folks would run away from them. Not me.

I heard water on in the washroom and ran out to the kitchen to get a glass. I filled it at the basin, shut off the faucet, and returned to my room, setting the glass on my nightstand. I heard tapping at my door and flung it open. I heard rustling under my bed and sat down on the edge, smoothing out a space for my companions. After playing "simon says" with the ghosts for a little while, they considered me a kindred spirit and let me lead.

I stomped the floor and they rattled through the insides of the floorboards. I fluffed my pillows and they danced them around the room like marionettes. I put on a coat and checked my lipstick and then the ghosts finally "materialized." I convinced a pair of them - old Nat and his lover - to head over to Florida in December for the fete. And they followed through! They are almost angels now. And happily amused.

The innskeeper renamed all the rooms shortly after my visit, to confuse the ghosts should they return and also to collude the superstitious tourists.

Do you know the current name of the room where I stayed? It's in the photograph above.




1st family: 20 points
2nd family: 18 points
3rd family: 16 points
4th family: 15 points

- earn 5 TOUGH points if you stay a night in a haunted B&B and tape your family crest to the mirror.
- earn 5 SMARTS points if you perform a seance in a haunted space and begin by burning your family crest.

- Take lots of photos!
- Be sure to display your family crest somewhere (do not photshop it in)
- If you have receipts, photograph those as well!
- Post photos with tag "lgfl" on flickr and send to taylor (taylor dot garcia at g mail dot com)



NB: The easiest way to complete this trial is to visit (or have a trusted family member visit) the location referred to in the solution to the OK Corral trial


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