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Prettiest Cowboy

Lore Trial #10

Eleanor McClintock Williams was a good friend of mine, and she was by far the prettiest cowboy ever. She was the daughter of some wealthy artists from back east. Even though she ended up making a bit of a name for herself in the visual arts and through the written word, her biggest accomplishments were on a horse. Over her lifetime, she had 24 different horses - she named them after the letters of the alphabet. Her last horse - the 24th - was named "X" which was the one I got to ride. He wasn't nearly as tough as his name would make him out to be! So, Eleanor never got to "Y" or "Z" which she figured were't such important letters of the alphabet anyways.

Back in the old old days, female riders had to wear skirts! Ellie was too interested in doing tricks and such to be preoccipied by "decency" though. She wore pants! During her life, Eleanor was a champion trick rider, a performer (at Wild Wild West shows and in the circus!), a mother, a rach proprieter and forewoman, a wife, and a politician. Whew! Talk about "Super Mom." She really ran around the clock!

Eleanor was pretty much par for the course out here in the West, though. Western women are a hearty stock! Especially transplants from back east - those gals are hearty and rebelllious! They bid "adios" to Radcliff and "howdy" to rodeo! Old "El" and her crew were true 12 o'clock women! Below is an example of their schedule. Following it and then unscrambling it might lead you to a place where you could go to find out more information about Cowgirls like them.

4 am - Wake up. Feed the animals.
6 am - Eat breakfast.
7 am - Morning ride.
8 am - Wake up the kids.
1 pm - Training.
3 pm - Dress.
3 pm - Eat dinner.
6 pm - Ride to the rodeo.
6 pm - Groom horse.
8 pm - Perform.

1st family: 15 points
2nd family: 10 points
3rd family: 8 points
4th family: 5 points




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