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Party Girls at the Driskill

Lore Trial #11

I once spent a year teaching at St. John's College in New Mexico. One of my students and her girlfriend went to Austin during spring break. They went out partying on Sixth Street and came back to their hotel - The Driskill - at 2 in the morning feeling a little tipsy. They accidentally took the elevator up to the wrong floor - and stumbled out to find the area under renovations and covered in plastic.

At first the girls had fun with their mixup. They'd heard legends that the place was haunted and so they ran around draping themselves with the plastics and trying to spook each other. They giggled all the way back to the elevator which they called up. While they waited, they felt more and more uneasy. My student, Cynthia, tried to lighten things up with a loud "BOO!" and a jerky head motion just as the elevator arrived, but then she got really startled when she stepped in and nearly bumped heads with another woman on her way out of the elevator.

The woman was elegant and spoke with a thick, aristocratic Houston drawl when they asked her if she was really staying on this floor and wasn't the construction a nuisance, "No. It's not bothering me." Her arms were filled with bags and packages from the most expensive stores and she disappeared into Room 29. Curious, the girls crept down the hall and listened at her door. THey heard her dialing a phone, as if she were dialing a number and then changing her mind. Or sending a message. Then, they heard the woman draw a bath. Which seemed like a good idea to the students. They quickly returned to the elevator and their room.

The next morning, one of the clerks at the front desk was flirting with the girls, teasing them about coming back drunk and had they had a good time in Austin? Feeling comfortable with him, they told him about their strange encounter after their evening out. Quietly and soberly, he assured them that there was nobody staying on that floor. He even brought them up to Room 29 and showed them the empty bathroom into which not even a toilet or a bathtub had been installed. And there, standing in Room 29, the clerk told the girls about the "Houston Bride."

If you're curious, you all can read more about it here: www.houstonbride.com and here: http://www.ghostsoftexas.com/content/view/14/101/.

1st family: 8 points
2nd family: 6 points
3rd family: 4 points
4th family: 3 points




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