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Jean LaFitte

Lore Trial #13

Have you ever heard of the original American pirate, Jean LaFitte? He was the "real deal," as they say. Johnny Depp owes the recent success of his acting career to the adventurous and eccentric life led by Mr. Jean LaFitte.

Jean LaFitte helped his adversary, Andrew Jackson, defeat the British during the war of 1812. The photo above is of the modern-day alley where the two made their deal. More than anything, LaFitte loved the people in New Orleans. Back in those days, New Orleans was more than a seedy place where naughty Frenchmen (and women) went to escape their European reputations. It was more than drinking and sinning - it was a place of tolerance and acceptance. Whether it be the free people of color, or the Jewish "privateer," Jean LaFitte - most folks could find a niche in New Orleans.

LaFitte was sort of a robin hood. He didn't steal from individuals - just corporations. And he made goods available to the middle class and poor at more reasonable rates. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if he stole artwork from time to time to decorate his cabin.

Ah, those were the days! A person's signature could be just the first letter of his name - his Utterly Radiantly Louisianan name. Put all those "signatures" together and you'd have yourself something special!

Remember Gladys? She and her husband were married in old Pirate's Alley. I'm not sure who started the tradition of getting married there, but they'd liked the idea of being near a church and on the site of lots of historic naughtiness at the same time. It's probably just a coincidence, but they had a fabulous marriage.


1st family: 5 points
2nd family: 4 points
3rd family: 3 points
4th family: 2 points




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